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J. Xiao, A. Owens and A. Torralba
SUN3D: A Database of Big Spaces Reconstructed using SfM and Object Labels
Proceedings of 14th IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV2013)
Poster  · Spotlight  · Talk Slides  ·  Video (HighRes, YouTube)


SUN3Dsfm: Structure From Motion for RGB-D videos using Generalized Bundle Adjustment [Source Code @ GitHub, Zip File]

SiftFu: Kinect depth map improvement using multiple frames with moving cameras [CPU Version and GPU Version]

SUN3D sequences names: SUN3Dv1.mat and SUN3Dv1.txt

Code to read/download SUN3D dataset: [Matlab Toolbox and C++ Reader]

Web-based annotator: code

List of Annotated Sequences

Code to compute Optical Flow using our pose estimation and depth map: [Code and Example]

SUN3D data folder:

Point cloud download:

Example Sequence: